Monday, July 25, 2011

Hot Weather and Hydration

With the soaring temperatures and high humidity all over the country this summer, it is important to remember how quickly little ones can become dehydrated. Obviously, staying indoors in air conditioned comfort is the best and safest place for children under five years old. That, however, is not always possible; and not every family has air conditioning and/or can afford to use it because of high utility costs. So remember to offer your little ones water often, and be sure to use sunscreen to protect their skin if you do take them outside. To be sure their fluid intake is sufficient pay attention to how often their diapers are wet or they are using the potty. As moms you are very much needed so be certain you also take proper care of yourself. Stay out of the heat if you can, and be sure you are drinking enough water to remain hydrated. My doctor says if urine is pale in color that is a good sign you are drinking sufficient amounts of water, but when the color darkens you need to drink more water. Take care, keep cool, and look forward to Fall.

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