Friday, October 11, 2013


Do you ever have times when you wish you could just be somewhere else?  Anywhere else?  I think we all experience feelings like that at some point in our lives.  There can be any number of reasons why we may wish to be elsewhere.  Most of us don't act on that wish, but there are some who do.

I remember when I was growing up hearing my parents talk about the son of their friends.  He went out to get a newspaper and never came back.  For over 20 years they never knew what had happened to him or if he was still alive.  Then one day out of the blue he came back home.  I always wondered how they really felt when he appeared after so many years.  Were they thrilled to see him and have him back safe and sound? Were they angry for the worry and grief they felt all those years?

For people who are in abusive relationships or marriages, they have every right to leave and should get themselves out of harm's way.  For others who are safe but just bored or tired of responsibility they should find the solution to their problems and live up to their responsibilities.

My opinion is that strong people stay where they need to be, and weak people leave with no thought of the sorrow, anxiety, and never-ending sense of loss they cause people who love them.  When I hear children speak of fathers (or mothers) who abandoned them, it is heart-wrenching because some of these children think they were not loved.  Even sadder are the ones who believed they were loved and cannot understand how a parent could leave them without a word, not provide support for them, and never see them again.  I think that is reprehensible in every sense of the word.

No matter what the day brings, no matter what the problems you may face, tell yourself


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