Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Beautiful Day For Thinking, Planning, Calendaring And Relaxing

     In spite of seriously high temperatures and stifling humidity here in the desert today,  it is still possible to have a beautiful Sunday inside our house with the air conditioning keeping us cool.  After some very busy days last week it is nice to have a day to spend time thinking, planning, calendaring and relaxing as well.

    For months now due to ill health I have been unable to plan or execute plans.  I am a person who loves planning, list making, updating to-do lists, and calendaring everything. As much as I love seeing the pretty planners that so many creative, clever people offer on their websites, I prefer a calendar or planner that is functional more than decorative. 

     Planning is important, but a person like me has to guard against getting too caught up in the planning and not spending enough time executing those plans.  Because my business is product based I have to allow time to actually produce the clothing and accessories in addition to all of the other tasks and duties of life.  I must allow sufficient time to photograph the clothing and write great copy to tempt customers to purchase the merchandise.  My photography skills are limited so I must take time to concentrate on improving the end results.  Writing copy requires time and practice to achieve the desired results, e.g. customers purchasing the merchandise.

     Dividing the days to allow for regular exercise, merchandise production, photography, copy writing, order processing, appointments, occasional classes and sundry other tasks can be quite a challenge.  At least it is for me, and I have to set a timer for each activity as I can get so engrossed in one thing that I end up not moving forward to do the next thing(s). 

     I have tried many different types of calendars and planners and have yet to find the perfect one but I keep looking.  A to-do list is a must for me.   I am pretty good about updating my to-do list every Sunday for the week ahead.  It always feels so good when I can check off a completed item.

     The GOP and DNC Conventions took a lot of my time, but I felt it important to watch both and listen to both parties.   I also will plan time to watch the debates so when November rolls around I will be able to vote intelligently.

     What about you?  Are you a planner?  Do you like certain types of planners?  Do you make your own?  Do you decorate your planner?  How do you calendar your activities?  Do you have a specific amount of time you allocate for creating digital products or handmade products?  Have you found a formula that works for you?  If so, please share your answers in the comment section below so we can benefit from your expertise.

     May God Bless all of us.



Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Are You Happy With The Nominees for POTUS?

Are you pleased with the way the primary elections ended?  Are you happy to consider the three candidates for President?  Do you realize that there is a third candidate?  Do you believe anything anyone is saying?

I watched the primaries faithfully.  I have watched the GOP and DEM conventions faithfully.  What have I learned?  I have learned why I should not vote for Hillary.  I have learned why I should not vote for Trump.  What I have not learned is how are the problems we face as a nation going to be resolved?  From whom will the money come for all of the grandiose promises being made so enthusiastically by so many?

Are you hopeful for the future?  Do you have confidence that any candidate can and will keep the promises being made?

I currently am like Doubting Thomas.  I want to hear solutions with specific details as to what will happen, who will be responsible for what actions, when actions will occur, and who will be accountable if promises are not kept and actions are not taken?

Tonight President Obama and Vice President Biden will speak on behalf of Hillary Clinton.
It is difficult for me to reconcile all the praise they will heap on her with all the dreadful things they had to say about her when she was campaigning against Obama 8 years ago.  Are they really such fans of hers now, or do they just want a Democrat President in the White House?

I find I am feeling a bit cynical and hope that between now and November someone will rise to the top as a candidate whom I really want to vote for rather than feeling once again that I must vote for the lesser of evils.

How do you feel?  Have you made your decision?