Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If Social Media Frighten You........

Why is it that some of us just have to be dragged kicking and screaming into new experiences, ideas, and challenges? I loved school, I am fortunate to be pretty much a quick study, and yet when something new happens in the world of technology I seem to have a death grip on what I already have and what I already know. Finally, when I absolutely have to I will learn what I must and then wonder why I was so reluctant to even give it a try. When I started my website I knew that learning search engine optimization would be required. Do you think I immediately set out to learn it? That would be a BIG no! When I finally relented and started reading about SEO I did not find it easy, but I know more about it today than I did and continue to learn. Then I started learning more about how business is conducted today and that social media is now the coin of the realm. I avoided Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and writing a blog by telling myself I was too busy, I was too old to learn, I really didn't understand, that those things were for kids, and anything else that would allow me to continue procrastinating. Finally, I acknowledged that in order to reach people looking for a baby shower gift, a newborn gift, a baptism, birthday or holiday gift then I would have to get a grip and give social media a try. I am pleased to report that I now have followers on Twitter, that I have friends and a page on Facebook, I am posting on my blog three times a week, and I am making progress on LinkedIn. Now I could kick myself because I have wasted months avoiding something that is really not rocket science and which is increasing traffic to both and If you are hesitant to try new things, take it from me that you may find as I did that you can do them and even enjoy yourself in the process. Note to self: Don't drag your feet when new opportunities present themselves. Just jump in and try!

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