Friday, November 11, 2011

Losing Things - Like Moral Compasses

The Penn State scandal has just made me ill. Our justice system says that we are innocent until proven guilty, but from the media coverage it would seem the only true innocence was that of the alleged victims. Even though I am not a sports fan (in the true sense of the word), I have always known who Coach Paterno is and his stellar reputation. To see his career end in such a tawdry, ignoble way is a disappointment to so many. I don't know what to think about the grad student who witnessed one of the alleged episodes of molestation. I keep asking myself WHY did he not intervene to rescue the child who was being molested? Why, indeed! While I can accept that witnessing something like that would be completely shocking and unsettling, I cannot imagine that any decent person would not try to intervene immediately to rescue a child. And then I feel certain a decent person would contact the local police at once to be sure that no other child would fall prey to such abuse. When all is said and done, this news is one more indication that the moral compass of our society has been lost.

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