Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Are You Happy With The Nominees for POTUS?

Are you pleased with the way the primary elections ended?  Are you happy to consider the three candidates for President?  Do you realize that there is a third candidate?  Do you believe anything anyone is saying?

I watched the primaries faithfully.  I have watched the GOP and DEM conventions faithfully.  What have I learned?  I have learned why I should not vote for Hillary.  I have learned why I should not vote for Trump.  What I have not learned is how are the problems we face as a nation going to be resolved?  From whom will the money come for all of the grandiose promises being made so enthusiastically by so many?

Are you hopeful for the future?  Do you have confidence that any candidate can and will keep the promises being made?

I currently am like Doubting Thomas.  I want to hear solutions with specific details as to what will happen, who will be responsible for what actions, when actions will occur, and who will be accountable if promises are not kept and actions are not taken?

Tonight President Obama and Vice President Biden will speak on behalf of Hillary Clinton.
It is difficult for me to reconcile all the praise they will heap on her with all the dreadful things they had to say about her when she was campaigning against Obama 8 years ago.  Are they really such fans of hers now, or do they just want a Democrat President in the White House?

I find I am feeling a bit cynical and hope that between now and November someone will rise to the top as a candidate whom I really want to vote for rather than feeling once again that I must vote for the lesser of evils.

How do you feel?  Have you made your decision?  

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