Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cute Kids in Cute Clothes

I think babies and toddlers are always adorable so when I see pictures of them in various outfits from numerous manufacturers I am even more smitten with them. There are so many options for dressing your children. If you like preppy, traditional, classic clothes then you have choices. If you like edgy, funky, contemporary designs there are also lots of options for those. If you like sweet, pastel, vintage designs there are so many from which to choose. If you want organic, all natural fibers, and simple styles you will find them. If you shop for price more than style you can shop from big box stores to on-line stores to your local dollar stores. If you like to make your own clothes you have a vast array of fabrics, yarns, patterns, etc. for your selections. It is terrific to have so many choices at so many price points. Among your many choices please do check out www.malcolmfortots.com and www.malcolmfortots.etsy.com. We cannot be all things to all people, but if you are reading this blog post please leave comments about your preferences for your baby. As we add styles to the website and ETSY shop we want to add looks and fabrics and colors that will appeal to you. Thanks for taking time to let us know your thoughts.

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