Thursday, June 2, 2011

What a shame!

Twitter, Facebook, Websites and Blogging are still relatively new experiences for me so I am not yet proficient in how they operate. Today I was reading tweets from those whom I follow. I also went to my Home page, and I clicked on "Mentions" to see if anyone had mentioned my business Malcolm For Tots. The most recent mention was from a young woman whom I had never heard of, but her tweet just had my Twitter account name and then a link. I clicked on her tweet to see what she had said about my baby clothing business, but I was stunned when what appeared on my monitor was a pornographic picture with a headline advertising full-length pornographic films. I looked at her profile page and she neither follows anyone nor has any followers, but has lots and lots of tweets mentioning individual Twitter names and the same link which would take all of those unsuspecting people to the same vulgar photograph. I tweeted her and asked why she would send a link to a pornographic site to a baby clothing entrepreneur and told her to not do it again. An hour or so later I was back on my Twitter account, and her mention of my account was no longer there on my Home page. I was appalled to find that on my Twitter home page, and I was glad no one else was sitting with me at my computer (like a child). I do not want to control the entire world, but I do want to control what comes into my home, my business, and my life. No matter what marvelous invention comes along, someone will find a way to taint it by using it in illegal, immoral, or dishonest ways. What a shame!

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