Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't Let Your Baby Drown

Recently in the news have been stories about little ones drowning or nearly drowning which, of course, would be one of any parents' worst nightmares since drowning is preventable. While most such incidents involve swimming pools, today I want to caution you about keeping babies and toddlers safe in bathtubs, sinks, bathinettes, or wading pools. Do not, and I repeat do not, leave any infant or toddler unattended in any container of water even if the water is only one inch deep. Babies can turn themselves over accidentally and be left face down in the water and drown. Toddlers can slip and go face down, or they might try to stand up causing them to slip face down into the water. Do not leave a toddler with an infant alone in water. Accidents can happen so quickly. Nothing you have to do in another room or part of your home is important enough to disregard this elementary safety rule. It takes only a moment for a tragedy to happen and a lifetime to regret it.

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