Monday, August 29, 2011

When The Wrong People Have Children

Today I cannot blog about my intended topic because I am so disturbed over two things in the news. The first one is about a father who allegedly tossed his crying 7-year old son overboard from a harbor cruise boat after slapping him and threatening to throw him overboard in front of about 80 other passengers. Another boater rescued the boy although the news article said the father did dive in to get him (as if that somehow makes him a good father). I realize children can try our patience at times, but there are constructive, non-threatening ways to deal with them. I am not a swimmer, and even as a mature adult the idea of someone throwing me overboard would be enough to traumatize me. To do it to a young child is just unconscionable and abusive and is not something that little boy is ever likely to forget. The other news article that is beyond horrible is about a boy who died because the two people who should have been parenting him withheld water from him for about a week. There are so many people who would love to have children and are unable to for various reasons, and then there seem to be ever-increasing numbers of people having children who neither want them, are capable of parenting them, and who will end up being abusive in so many ways that the children cannot help but grow up as damaged human beings. I continue to find it appalling that people must take tests and obtain licenses to drive a car, ride a motorcycle, sell real estate, practice medicine or dentistry, teach school, and a host of other things but for the most important job in the world any ill-prepared, unkind, troubled person can bring a life into this world with no qualifications, no skills, no resources, and even no desire to raise that child appropriately. What is wrong with this picture? Many of our sweetest, most vulnerable citizens are helpless and at the mercy of people who are themselves obviously damaged by the way they were raised. As our society sinks deeper into selfishness, bad behavior, and economic despair I fear the number of children suffering is going to increase. I write this blog for people who have children, who want children, grandchildren, or foster children; and I implore anyone reading this blog to parent your children well and help others who may be struggling with the role of parenthood. If you or someone you know need help or advice, if you have trouble with anger, if you have a difficult child due to a disability of any kind, don't take it out on the child. Seek advice and help. Help is available, and my hope is that someday there will be no children harmed by the people who are supposed to love, nurture, protect and guide them.

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