Thursday, October 6, 2011

Adults Robbing Our Children

Isn't it incredible the way music can transport us to a specific time or place in our lives or make us think of a special person or event? I have always thought life would be better with background music.........not elevator music, but music appropriate to our daily lives. Perhaps the saying, "Music soothes the savage beast" is correct. I think it might be very difficult to be filled with hate,rage or violence if people could hear background music that is happy, uplifting, and that makes them want to march or dance. I enjoy listening to music of different types depending on what I am doing and/or the mood I am experiencing. I have downloaded onto cd's and iPod the music that has special memories for me from throughout my life. I have not yet captured all of the songs, but enough so that I can enjoy, reminisce, tap my feet, smile, weep, or be uplifted depending on which selection is playing. In elementary school I learned to sing and the basics of how to read music from a wonderful teacher (Fiona Calder). I then learned more about singing and being part of a choir from Mrs. Kemp, the director of the junior choir at our church. In junior high school I learned about opera and classical music from Mrs. Wallach, a no-nonsense teacher who knew a great deal about music. Although I don't have a great voice and never learned to play an instrument, music has made a major contribution to my life. I am not artistic in any sense of the word, but I still remember art teacher August Pagel who taught in elementary and junior high school To remove music and art from public schools is doing a grave injustice to today's children and robbing them of the chance to learn what can make a monumental difference in their lives. Music and art can not only broaden the horizons of children from all backgrounds, but can also soften the hard edges of poverty and difficult home lives. Why do we think athletics are more important than the arts? I think athletics are important for the health and well-being of children, learning teamwork and sportsmanship. However, I don't think athletics should be saved at the expense of the arts because in truth our children need athletics, art and music to become well-rounded individuals. What do you think? Comments are welcome!

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