Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cast Iron Pans, Cornbread, and My Mother

Recently I have been wanting to once again taste cornbread as my mother used to make it. She passed away 12 years ago so it has been a long time since I last ate cornbread. Yesterday I brought out my cast iron pans and decided to give it a try. I remembered that she used to put strips of bacon in the bottom of the pan which not only flavored the cornbread but prevented it from sticking or burning. I have never attempted to cook or bake using cast iron pans so they have been languishing in a cupboard. I bought them several years ago, seasoned them as instructed, and then stashed them in a cabinet. Well, I am happy to say that the cornbread was delicious. The cast iron pan and the bacon gave it the wonderful taste and texture that I remember. Why I avoided using the cast iron pans for so long I have no idea, but I think I will begin using them frequently. I remember that my grandmother used to bake the most wonderful gingerbread in a cast iron skillet.......perhaps I will try that sometime this week.

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