Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have Safe and Sane Holiday Celebrations

Today I am scurrying around trying to finish my seemingly never-ending to-do list (just so you know, even my lists have lists). My daughter arrives tomorrow from New York where she lives in the heart of Manhattan. I always get so excited about seeing my children. No matter their ages they are and always will be the joy of my life. My son and his family live in Tokyo, Japan so they won't be joining us for the holidays although we would love it if they could. So for those of you surrounded by little ones, whether they be children or grandchildren, treasure the moments and make happy memories for them. They will grow up before you know it, and sometimes when we are young we think these days will never end.......but they will so have a wonderful time! Whether you have already begun to celebrate Channukah, or if you will be celebrating Christmas this weekend, I wish you and yours all the best. Remember the reasons for the seasons which are not shopping, toys, presents, baking, Santa Claus, partying, or exhausting yourselves to make things perfect. They are to remember the miracle of Channukah and to celebrate the birth of the Christ Child. May you have peace in your homes and in your hearts, and may your spirits be filled with the thrill of hope for the coming year. As Tiny Tim said in A Christmas Carol, "God Bless us, every one!"

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