Monday, August 19, 2013


There are some of us who have never learned to be team players.  Guys who are part of sports teams tend to learn early on what being a part of a team means.  More girls are involved in team sports than in prior years, but still there are many people who have no concept of teamwork.  There are also those of us who have too much pride to ask anyone else for help when clearly it would be wise to do so.  There are many who think they have to do everything themselves in order for it to be done "correctly" or in order for them to prove their value to others.

Be smart and evaluate your to-do list.  Is it too much for one person, or is it too much to accomplish in a given day?  Do you truly have to do everything yourself, or can you delegate part of the list to others?  Even toddlers can be taught to empty wastebaskets or to pick up their toys.  Elementary school-age children can be taught to make their beds and clear the kitchen table.  Middle school and high school students can be taught to clean their rooms, clean the kitchen, do their own laundry, and help with yard work.

If your work to-do list is too long, evaluate what is necessary and what is desirable.  What needs to be done right away?  What can be postponed?  Who else might be available to help you with some of the items?  If you are able to give clear direction it is most likely that someone else in the office has time and skills to assist you.

Today's message is:
                                                       DON'T DO IT ALL!

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