Saturday, April 23, 2011

Favorite Easter Memories

Easter has always caused me to have Spring Fever. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago and depending on the date when Easter came, it could be lovely outside or we could have snowstorms. Memories of two particular Easters still make me smile. The first Easter after my son was born, my sister gave him an Easter basket of which the base was a metal drum. Of course, two wooden drum sticks were included along with all of the usual Easter candy, etc. My, how he loved that drum for years to come, and I remember how cute he looked in a little Carters knit suit given to him by my parents. The Easter after my daughter was born we had a blizzard that seemed to come out of nowhere. We spent many Easters at the home of an aunt and uncle of my husband (they were my favorite relatives of his). They never had children of their own and were very dear and very good to their nieces, nephews, great nieces,great nephews and all the spouses. The Easter of the blizzard they served the typical Easter ham, but for dessert she made the most beautiful Schaum Torte filled with fresh strawberries. Even though it was snowing outside, those strawberries and delicious white meringue were a breath of Spring. My daughter looked so sweet in a little "angel top" handmade for her by my mother who was a wonderful seamstress. That day with my children whom I adored then and now, with an aunt and uncle who claimed special places in my heart for always and ever, and that spectacular dessert on a cold, snowy day created memories for me that are just as clear today as if they were created only last month. Whether you celebrate Easter or Passover I hope you make wonderful memories to treasure the rest of your life. HAPPY EASTER!

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