Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Learning New Things

For me, learning new things is always a combination of excitement, apprehension, frustration, and finally great relief when things turn out as they should. I am learning how to use an embroidery machine which is one of the most fascinating inventions I have ever seen. The brain that conceived that such a thing is possible amazes me. Embroidery machines are expensive to say the least. I am very lucky to have an incredibly talented (and generous) neighbor who sews, quilts, paints, designs, beads, and who decided she wanted to have an embroidery machine. She bought the top of the line Bernina because she has loved her Bernina sewing machine and serger, and she also knew she would use it more than enough to justify the purchase price. She does not, however, enjoy her computer very much so she asked me to go to the training classes with her so that I could help her with the computer parts of the sessions. We enjoyed the classes because the teacher was top notch. Now my friend invites me over to her home on a weekly basis to use that magic machine. I am getting more confident about using the machine, and I must admit I am happy with the results I have achieved. I still have a long way to go before I can consider myself proficient, but I am certainly having lots of fun embellishing some new products for www.malcolmfortots.com and www.malcolmfortots.etsy.com

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