Monday, January 9, 2012

My Heartfelt Sympathy And My Growing Hatred

The niece of a dear friend of mine is expecting her first baby in about a week. Her young husband was murdered last week after being robbed in their driveway as he arrived home from work. There are no words to adequately express my sorrow for his young wife, their unborn child, their parents and siblings, and their friends. I find more and more that my feelings of disgust and disdain for the wicked, evil people of the world are evolving into feelings of actual hatred for their actions and attitudes. I hate their crimes, their lack of respect for anything or anyone, their failure to value any life, their cowardly inability to face life and accept responsibility as decent human beings, their stupidity, their arrogance, and the burden they become on society when they are finally apprehended, found guilty and punished. I hate that they live on while their innocent victims do not. I hate that our judicial system is not always just, and I hate that our prisons are overflowing. I hate that we coddle criminals and provide them with better living conditions than homeless families with children whose only crime is poverty. I hate whatever happened or didn't happen in the lives of the wicked people that caused them to make such wrong choices. I hate that some parents abuse and/or neglect their children. I hate that some parents fail to teach their children right from wrong, that they tolerate and encourage disrespectful behavior, that they do not set good examples for their offspring to emulate. I hate that we have a society where deceit, duplicity, greed, avarice, and corruption flourish among those people we elect to represent us and govern our cities, counties, states and country. If good people still outnumber bad people (and I believe they do) then we must do whatever it takes to ensure this new baby and all children can grow up in a better world. We cannot do everything, but each of us can do something and all of our somethings can add up to everything.

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