Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Smashed Potato Soup

Today it is chilly here in the desert (not our usual weather), and I came across a recipe from Better Homes and Gardens for Smashed Potato Soup. It sounds delicious and a perfect thing to make today. There are so many incredibly delicious recipes on so many websites. I know I will not live to try all of the recipes I have printed out or saved or bookmarked......but I am going to enjoy trying as many as I can. I have two elderly neighbors (both in their 90's and amazing) with whom I like to share food on the days I actually cook. Last night I made Blackberry Cobbler from a recipe I found on a blog (and now I cannot find the blog because I failed to bookmark it). It was so yummy served warm with vanilla ice cream...........not on my diet, but I ate it anyhow and loved it!

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