Monday, February 27, 2012

Did You Watch The Academy Awards?

When I was a little girl my sister and I were in love with movies. Our mother's only brother met his wife when both worked for famous columnist Hedda Hopper. They were very dear people and fed our appetite for all things Hollywood when they sent us still photos, autographed pictures, and signed Christmas cards from dozens of our favorite stars. Growing up we lived within walking distance of the only movie theater in our Chicago suburb, and the movies changed 3 times a week and always double features. The admission for us as children was ten cents each, and many weeks we were able to go to the theater each time the movies changed. Summers were the best because snow, ice, school work, and bedtimes did not interfere with our ability to see six films a week. A very special privilege was to be allowed to stay up late on a school night to watch the Oscars after we finally had a television set. Last evening was an evening to enjoy the current award ceremony as well as to reminisce about the wonderful childhood we had enjoying the glamour, magic and Golden Era of Hollywood.

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