Sunday, February 5, 2012

How Do Humans Become Capable Of Atrocious Acts?

There is so much going on in many parts of the world which involves killing and torturing people. I continue to be appalled and alarmed at how vicious and violent people can be. This morning I attended Mass at a Catholic Church with one of my neighbors. As I looked at the exquisitely carved crucifix behind the altar, it occurred to me that crucifixion was one of the earliest forms of torture and execution. Throughout the service I watched the figure of Jesus Christ hanging on the cross. I began to ask myself, "How in the world could any person look at another person still alive, nailed to a cross, and think that it was acceptable to do such a thing to anyone for any reason?" I watch the events of the world unfold during the evening news; I see gangs killing members of other gangs as well as innocent children. I see people found guilty of molesting the very children whom they were employed to teach and keep safe. I see people being terrified, tormented, injured and killed by order of barbaric dictators. I see people killed because of religious persecution. I see people being threatened with nuclear weapons. I see the United States being threatened by a leader of another country who does not even know us but would have no compunction about blowing all of us to smithereens. Every person in the world comes into life as a pure, innocent, little baby. What causes any of them as adults to become so hardened, so greedy for power and wealth, and so dysfunctional that they are amoral or immoral? We as parents have both a great responsibility and a great privilege to raise our children so they do not become perpetrators of atrocious acts. Are we not paying attention? Are we too busy? Are we not interested in parenting? Are we ourselves bad role models? Do we want our little ones to grow up in a world that is filled with hatred, unkindness and danger? If not, then we darn well better do something about it.........each and every one of us in our own home has the opportunity to make the world a better place for our children and all future generations. Why would we NOT want to do it?

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