Saturday, May 12, 2012

Should You Be Honored On Mothers' Day?

Some people seem to be naturally maternal while others seem to have been standing behind the door when maternal instincts were passed out.  Do you ask yourself which type of mother you are?  The reason I pose the question as to whether or not you should be honored is because there are too many instances in the news today of women whose parenting leaves much to be desired.  Mothers are meant to nurture and care for their offspring.  Yet we see and hear many dreadful examples of women who either do not want to or are incapable of providing the love and nurturing their children need if they are to thrive and grow up  as undamaged human beings.  Our society is plagued with sociopaths, psychopaths, gang members, bullies and abused and neglected children of all ages.  Somehow it is inconceivable to me that these people grew up in loving, caring environments.  I do not believe that babies come into the world as anything except pure innocents, and we parents and other adults mold, shape, and enhance or tarnish the lives that are in store for little ones.  There are no perfect parents, but before we accept accolades on Mothers' Day and regardless of the ages of our children we should ask ourselves if we truly are worthy of being honored as mothers.  If the answer is affirmative then have a glorious day and bask in the warm affection of the family surrounding you.  If, however, the answer is negative then decide to find help to improve your parenting skills.  Ask a friend, a neighbor, a clergyman, a teacher, a doctor, or the person who is the best mother you know to help you.  All children deserve to be protected, nurtured and loved by their mothers so take any steps necessary to remedy things before passing the point of no return in your relationship.  It is a huge responsibility, but you hold your children's present lives and their futures as adults in your grasp.  Handle with care.

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