Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lost And Found

My apologies for having no new posts recently.  Without any notice my browser was no longer being supported by Google Blogger.  I could get to my blog but could not log in to make updates as I kept getting a message saying no such page or unable to connect but no explanation as to why.  Then I started looking for on line Google Blogger Help.  That was incredibly frustrating because there were no solutions but lots of complaints from others.  Not being a tech savvy person I exhausted every possible way I could think of to log into my blog to write posts, check stats, but nothing I did would work.  Finally today I again got to my blog, and when I tried to log in I was informed that I needed to change my browser to Google Chrome.  So that is what I have done, and voila I am back in business.  I am hopeful that future interruptions will be few and far between. Thanks for sticking with me.  I appreciate your support.

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