Monday, February 11, 2013

Malcolm For Tots Is Opening Another Shop

After giving lots of thought and attention to various venues, we have opted to open a goodsmith's shop and will soon have it stocked with a variety of upscale handmade clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers bearing the Malcolm Mousekowitz label.  Their shops are attractive, clean, crisp and easy to navigate.  We will keep our ETSY shop because we also like doing business the ETSY way.  After four years with Volusion we decided to close that website effective February 16.  Since many people and businesses are using, liking and talking about Word Press websites, blogs, and plug-ins we are going to consider building a new website using Word Press because it seems very user don't have to know html code or any of the more technical computer lingo which makes it very appealing (not that you have to know those things to use Volusion). 

There are so many options for doing business today but not enough hours in the day to try all of them or even to educate oneself about them.  The entire way of doing business has changed and will continue to change.  Websites, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, surveys, and blogs accompanied by lots of apps on Smart Phones, iPhones, iPads, and even Kindles are allowing consumers to shop the world's marketplaces without ever entering a brick and mortar shop unless they choose to do so.  Although I enjoy the ease of on-line shopping myself and Malcolm For Tots is strictly an Internet business at this time, there is much to be said about actually seeing the merchandise, touching it, or trying it on before buying it.  Hopefully, there will always remain a combination of both online and brick and mortar stores for all customers.  Things are changing rapidly though so we will just have to wait and see what the future holds.    

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