Monday, February 4, 2013

SuperBowl Was Super

In truth I am not much of a sports fan, primarily because I don't actually understand all the rules which govern the various sports.  However, each year I do watch the Super Bowl; and back in the '80's I actually attended the Super Bowl in San Diego, California.  We had great seats on the 50 yard line and not too many rows up from the players themselves.  Of course, people who knew my lack of interest in and understanding of football agreed with me that it was pretty much a waste of a ticket and a great seat. 

It was part of my job that year to take a number of customers to the Super Bowl, and all of my staff members volunteered to go in my place.  Unfortunately, I had to go myself, but I would have loved to give my ticket to one of them (I had a wonderful staff of young people).  It turned out to not be a very exciting game that year, but still there was something about being at such an event that made it a  memorable occasion for me.

Yesterday I was not feeling well which meant no Superbowl party for me.  Nevertheless, I opted to watch the game because I do understand enough to keep up with which team is winning.    I cannot claim to be a genuine fan of any sports team so I decide which team I want to win by other selective information which has little or nothing to do with the skills and talents of the players and coaches.  I decided yesterday I wanted the Baltimore Ravens to win because one of their players is Michael Oher, the young man whose life story was told in the movie The Blindside.  I thought it would be a wonderful thing for this young man and the Tuohy family who adopted him to experience a Superbowl win.  The Tuohy family did a great thing by giving Michael to chances in life which would otherwise never have been available to him. 

During the first half of the game I was sure the Ravens would win with no problem, but I had forgotten just how quickly things can change.  The last quarter of the game was a nail biter for sure, but the Ravens held on to the win.  Not only was it an exciting game (the power blackout was a bit scary), but the two Harbaugh
brothers coaching the teams were also interesting to watch.  These two men add an additional dimension to the word "professionals" as that is how they behaved toward each other.  It warmed my heart to see the winning brother John immediately make his way across the field to tell his brother Jim he loved him and for John to sincerely congratulate Jim despite his bitter disappointment at losing the game.

The Tuohy family's ability to adopt and love a boy of a different race and background, and the love and respect the Coaches Harbaugh  displayed for each other and their parents exemplify what our world could be like.  We need to all just get over ourselves and make the decision to work together to make this world a wonderful and better place for all of us. 

Who in their right mind would not want to live in a better world?

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