Thursday, February 28, 2013

People Who Do Great Jobs

If you have an online business and are not yet acquainted with the work that a number of young women and men are doing, stop what you are doing and check out their websites now.  Not tomorrow.  Now.

There are numerous successful people on line, but I find that I continually read, watch, learn and enjoy 7 of them in particular.  They teach, they share, they are bright, they are funny, they are living proof of the success you can enjoy if you follow their advice and work hard.  They are:

April Bowles Olin - Blacksburg Belle

Andreea Ayers - Launch Grow Joy

Derek Halpern - Social Triggers

Marie Forleo - Marie Forleo

Mayi Carles - Heartmade

Megan Auman - Crafting an MBA

Rena Tom -  Rena Tom

Each of these gifted young persons brings his/her own experience, personality and perspective to their businesses.  While I am very much older than any of them are,  they make me wish I were young, healthy and just starting out in  business.  Things are SO different today than when I was their ages.  I have had a very successful career and a wonderful life, but I would love to try some of the things they are doing and espousing.

Give each of them a chance to entertain you, enlighten you, impress you, and help you.  I think you won't be disappointed, so let me know what you think.

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