Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Have You Heard Of Nathan Laube?

Last evening I took my delightful 92-year old next-door neighbor to an organ concert because she thoroughly loves organ music. I personally think organ music is an acquired taste since many of the selections written for the organ are not melodic but very intense. It was an absolute pleasure to watch and listen as 23-year old Nathan Laube shared his incredible musical gifts with us. He has poise and presence beyond his years, and is very articulate. I think he is brilliant, has an amazing personal history, and will no doubt have a successful and exciting future. My memory did not retain all of the facts about Mr. Laube's education, awards, honors, and experiences which are numerous. I can tell you that he began a graduate degree program in Stuttgart, Germany last fall, and he holds the position of Artist in Residence at The American Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in Paris, France so commuting is frequent. Somehow he finds time to pursue other interests which include medieval and modern architecture, gardening, international travel, exotic cuisine and cooking, sketching and drawing. Learning what Mr. Laube has accomplished in his young life, it makes me think it is unbelievable in comparison to the young men we hear about too often in the nightly news. I mean the way-too-large number of young men who are in gangs, on trial, incarcerated, or dead before they are 25. It also makes me think when the arts are taken out of our schools due to lack of funds, we are denying some potential artists the chance to learn, blossom and succeed. If ever you have an opportunity to attend a concert by Mr. Laube in the USA or in Europe, jump at the chance. You will be glad you did!

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