Monday, March 5, 2012

Is Learning To Drive More Important Than Learning How To Be A Parent?

Two toddlers in Alaska were allegedly punished for wetting their beds by being locked in a room with a window open when the outside temperature was 30 degrees below zero. One of the children froze to death, and the other little one is in a hospital with hypothermia. I am sick to death of reading about children being abused or killed by the people who should be taking care of them and protecting them. Single parents who allow boyfriends, girlfriends or step-parents to harm their children are equally if not more guilty in my opinion. Can our education systems do more to teach children how to be responsible adults before they actually become parents? In order to drive an automobile we deem it necessary that kids receive training, and take written and physical driving tests before obtaining a license. While I agree that is essential for public safety, should there be a test or training to ensure an individual is fit to be a parent? Even individuals who are good parents sometimes have trouble coping with the stresses of child-rearing. Children cry, children wet their beds, children get sick, children get cranky! How many more children are going to suffer or die before serious consideration is given to educating people to help them determine if they will be suitable parents? Perhaps if they realized they were not cut out to be parents they might think twice about getting pregnant or about allowing boyfriends, girlfriends or step-parents to harm their children. Heaven help the children who are in harm's way!

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