Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When Parents Are The Bullies

Perhaps you are tired of me getting on my soapbox to complain about the way some children are abused by the people who should be protecting them. I will stop getting on my soapbox when people stop abusing children. Protecting them is not synonomous with a lack of discipline. Children need boundaries and structure, and with them they will not only behave better but will feel more secure and more loved. They do NOT, however, need to be beaten into submission or tortured by cigarette burns or any other inhumane treatment. Today's news carried a story of a stepfather who allegedly beat his 12-year old stepson AND made him eat two screws (perhaps they are the screws that this guy has loose because no intelligent, mature adult would force a child to eat metal screws). Only a sadistic bully does something like that OR a lunatic! We must all get sick to death of these stories so that we can somehow stop the madness and unbelievable treatment some children are forced to endure. How do we expect these children to grow up and know how to behave and not become bullies themselves? Children learn by example, and I am incredibly appalled at the pitiful examples that some parents, step-parents and guardians are setting for children. Do you have any ideas of what we can do for these poor children? Please share your ideas and comments with me. Child Protective Services cannot handle all of the cases they already have, and as we have read and heard many times they have dropped the ball resulting in deaths of children. Surely there is a solution. Please help find it.

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