Monday, November 4, 2013


In the current political mess there appear to be many untruthful people running our country, and they are not limited to one party.  It makes me sick at heart to realize that we the people no longer know whom to trust or whom to follow.  In the celebrity world there is a well-publicized lack of trust and fidelity between couples; and this is too often also true in the lives of non-celebrities.  Men parent children and then feel no obligation to support, love and care for those children.  Women trust men to mean what they say and end up as single parents struggling for years to raise their children.

In business there are lifetime guarantees given for products and services that may not last five years.  Who in their right mind believes there is any longer such a thing as a lifetime guarantee?  Companies start up and go out of business without so much as a word to the customers who trusted them.  Bernie Maidoff was not the only swindler; there are more scam artists, identity thieves and felons than we can count.  Hit and run accidents have reached an all-time high because the people behind the wheels cannot be trusted to do the right thing.  They think nothing of leaving their victims on the streets to die.  People in positions of authority who should be trustworthy molest the most innocent among us.  Lies and money protect parents, priests, pastors, teachers, athletic coaches, scout leaders and other volunteers who work with children.

People make promises and lie when they do not keep them.  Children are taught to lie because if they tell the truth too often they receive such harsh punishment that they are afraid to speak the truth.  Fraud and cheating are rampant in every facet of our lives and at every age.  There are politicians, doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, mayors, city council members, military personnel, ceo's, presidents, managers, supervisors, employees, co-workers, colleagues, school board members, school superintendents, professors, deans, teachers, students, nannies, babysitters, housekeepers, neighbors, and friends who lie.  How did we get to be such a society?  Is it just greed?  Is it not a failure to be held responsible or accountable for our own behavior?

I would be wrong to say there are NO trustworthy people, but when I was growing up the majority of the people were honest, hardworking, and knew if they lied there would be consequences.  Now perhaps the majority are liars, and they experience few if any consequences.

The world would be a better place and life easier to live if all people were truthful.  If people had been created like the storybook character Pinocchio there would be a world full of long noses, and we would be certain of who is lying and who is not.  Integrity is a wonderful trait to have because the truth does not change.  You do not have to worry about remembering because facts don't change.

The solution is an easy one, and it starts when you make the decision for yourself and your children to always


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