Thursday, November 14, 2013


We are currently living in a society where approximately half of the population is dependent on the other half of the population for financial support.  The government tries to make us think they are supporting these people, but remember the government does not generate money.  They take money from the half of the population who pay taxes,  and they are stealing the future from our children and grandchildren who will inherit the massive debt being incurred.

Make no mistake, I have absolutely no problem helping people who genuinely cannot help themselves.  I grew up in a family, in towns and churches where we always reached out to help anyone who was truly in need.  I still reach out to those who need help and will continue to do so as long as I live.

However, I have a real problem with the fraud and deceit that seem to prevail in all of the government assistance programs.   I have a problem with people who make no effort to help themselves.  I have a problem with people who bring more children into the world in order to increase their welfare income.  I have a problem with any man who fathers a child but does not stay around to help raise the child or provide financial support.  I have a problem with any man who fathers children with multiple women but takes no responsibility for them or for those single mothers.  I have a problem with women who give no thought to how they are going to care for the children they have with these ne'er-do-well men.

I have a problem with a one-term politician who disgraces the office but can collect his pension for the rest of his life.  I have a problem when men and women who put their lives on the line in military service get treated less well than the do-nothing politicians. They are not paid enough for their service, and if maimed, injured or killed they certainly are not fairly compensated.

I have a problem with litigious people who take no responsibility for their own actions or behavior but feel they are entitled to compensation when they do something stupid.  I have a problem with jurors who award obscene amounts of money to people because they too have the entitlement mentality and think businesses have deep pockets which they are so willing to pick.  Comparing these people to the military men and women who genuinely take responsibility is enough to make my head explode.

I have a problem with elected officials being able to decide to give themselves a raise with our tax dollars especially when they resolve no problems, lie to us continually, and care more about their personal agendas than the will of the people.  I have a problem with career politicians.  They become complacent and care more about being re-elected than about really serving their constituents.

Except for the truly disabled, the very elderly, or the very young everyone else needs to get a grip, grow up, and


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