Monday, March 14, 2011

Good People Everywhere

As the tragedy in Japan continues to unfold, I continue to be concerned for my family members who are there. I was so relieved when I found them to be safe after the quake and tsunami, I never thought the nuclear reactor facility problems would become equally terrifying. I continue to pray for them and all the people who may be in harm's way from a possible nuclear meltdown. It has also become abundantly clear how fortunate I was to get through to my son via SKYPE two hours after the quake hit as I heard on the news today that American families are still struggling trying to find out about their loved ones in Japan and unable to reach them. The kindness of people in times of crisis should never be in doubt. Whether going to Japan to help or sending money to help, I am also touched by people all over the USA and even in Europe who have reached out to me via telephone and email to inquire about the safety of my son and his family. These are old friends, people with whom I used to work, former neighbors now scattered across the nation and the world who still care about my family's safety. I am ever so grateful and appreciative of their concern and their prayers. My heart is broken for those people whose loved ones are presumed dead, the families left behind to wait and hope, and those who are cold, hungry, cut off from rescue workers. We all should count our blessings and never take our lives and loved ones for granted as we have just seen that everything can change or be lost in an instant. I will continue to pray for everyone's safety and healing from this horrific event.

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