Sunday, September 22, 2013


Have you noticed that there seems to be something akin to lethargy in much of today's work force?  Being an employer today is more difficult than it used to be.  Not only are there more legal requirements and  more expensive requirements, but finding good workers is at times like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack.

There are young people who are motivated, ambitious, and willing to do a great job every day.  They dress professionally, act professionally, and use common sense to connect the dots to anticipate problems and to provide good customer service.  In the past several weeks I have been totally impressed by several young people with whom I have come in contact while having some medical appointments.  I have acknowledged their good work directly as well as to their supervisors.  Based on years of business experience I predict they will have successful lives and careers.

Then there are those who are the opposite.  Somehow they have an entitlement mentality.  Not only do they not appreciate having a job they resent having one.  I am sad to say that lately I have seen more of these people than I would like to.  They are more interested in talking to their co-workers about what they did the previous evening than in talking to the customer, client, or patient standing in front of them.  Banks, retail stores, medical offices, hospitals, business offices, and restaurants are all coping with people like this. These employees are the same ones who want to spend more time texting friends, surfing the Internet, and playing games on line than on the work they are being paid to do.  They are literally stealing from their employers who are paying them to work.  Many have no manners and no interest in performing their work at the highest level.  I can safely predict that they will have mediocre careers and lives.

What about you?  If you are currently working, do you work hard?  Are you interested in being promoted and earning more money?  Do you do your best work regularly?  Can your employer count on you to do a great job for the money you accept?  So much of what is wrong in today's world could be improved if more people would stop doing the minimum and start doing the maximum the majority of the time.

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