Monday, September 23, 2013


We all know people who are upbeat, positive, cheerful and optimistic.  They love life and no matter what befalls them they continue to love life.  We also all know people who are bitter, negative, dour and pessimistic.  They do not love life, and everything that happens to them is just one more validation to them that life is not good.  Which type of person do you enjoy being with the most?  Unless you are one of the unhappy people yourself, then I feel certain you choose to be around the people who love life.

Someone once asked me if I thought they deserved the life they had.  I replied that she did not get the life she deserved but rather the life she chose.  My reply offended her, but I went on to explain that we all get the lives we choose as we begin making choices at a very young age and we continue to do so daily for the rest of our lives.  The more bad choices we make the more our lives are impacted.  It is never too late to stop making bad choices though and to begin making good choices.

Certainly there are things which happen that are beyond our control like floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, blizzards, and fires.  These events can certainly negatively affect our lives in the short term and even in the long term.  These events don't happen every day though so most of the things which happen to us or for us are because of our choices, our attitude, our behavior, and the people with whom we surround ourselves.

Things are very bad in the world right now with so much anger, hate, killing, greed, poverty, deceit, lust for power, and ignorance. This does not mean that life is bad but rather that many people are bad. Many people have no respect for life or even value their own lives. These are the people who make life difficult for so many others, but even though difficult at times life is still good.

Choose to remind yourself each day of what is good in your life or what is good in the world.  Even the poorest of the poor can see beauty in a sunrise or sunset, the magnificence of an ocean or river, and the grandeur of mountains, valleys, and deserts.

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