Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ongoing news about the misbehavior of powerful, public, and arrogant men in positions of trust is sickening. In this day and age, why any sane persons think they can have secret trysts is beyond me. With all of the technology to record conversations or take private pictures, with all of the greed that abounds, with the rampant desire for 15 minutes of fame, I think that any intelligent person would realize that they will be caught.........just a matter of when and by whom. The betrayal of marital vows, the public humiliation of wives and children, and the betrayal of the public trust are too much to tolerate! We should be completely disgusted by the ignored allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct, the cover-ups by subordinates and colleagues, and the total lack of integrity permeating our society in every possible way. Oprah Winfrey's recent show asking the question, "Has the world gone mad?" was timely and should cause us to ask why we accept such sleazy behavior from the people we elect to offices, from the athletes and celebrities who behave like pigs and yet are the individuals envied and emulated, and from the people in positions of trust who take advantage of the most vulnerable......our children. Have we not had enough? If not, when will enough be enough?

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