Friday, May 6, 2011

If You Can Imagine Your Sweet Baby All Grown Up, What Do You See?

There is nothing sweeter than a baby. Each baby is a miracle, even those who are unwanted by their birth mothers or fathers. When I think of how wonderfully made a baby is and the potential for greatness that each baby has at birth, I wonder why so many end up going down a wrong path in life. My firm belief has always been that there are NO bad children, but rather only bad parents or caretakers. When you look at your adorable newborn, or your cute little toddler, or your charming elementary school child do you think about what you want him/her to become? What kind of adult do you want him/her to be? Are you willing to do what is necessary to help him/her become that wonderful person you envision? It is up to each parent to love, nurture, guide, discipline, teach, and be there for the child from birth to adulthood. It seems every day the news brings more and more stories of adults who did not have that experience as children. It may be too late for those who are already adults (although I always have hope that people can change), but I hope you will make a commitment to yourself and your little ones that you will be there in every possible way during childhood. No parent is perfect, and perfection is not what is required. I am convinced, however, that if every parent did his/her best for every child brought into this world that gangs, vandalism, turf wars, bullying, attacks, and assaults would be dramatically reduced if not totally eliminated. Helping your child select friends who will not lead him/her astray, teaching your child respect for you and for all other people and for animals, being aware of what they read, what they watch, what they listen to, and knowing where they are will help you give the world an outstanding human being. Ideally two-parent households are the best, but single parents can do great things with their children as long as the children remain their priority and more imporant than everything else. Children are just short people, and they know so much more than adults sometimes think they do. Children are perceptive, intuitive, trusting, honest, and innocent. They know when they are important to the adults who are raising them. What are you willing to do to ensure that your children have the best opportunity for a successful life? Anything? Everything?

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