Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Heart Is In My Throat

Several weeks ago the husband of a dear friend and neighbor was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was the picture of health at the time but had a gall- bladder attack which took him to the ER. He has been waiting to start chemo or radiation to shrink the mass so it could be removed. He had to wait until they could clear up his gallbladder problems. Today he learned that he is not a candidate for chemo or radiation because the mass in his pancreas has grown so he is now in Hospice care. I am just sick at heart for them as they are a wonderful couple, devoted to each other, have one daughter, one granddaughter and a darling toddler great-granddaughter whom they adore. It makes me want to rant and rail at the unfairness of life, and yet I have always known that life is not fair. If God is not going to give him a miracle then my prayer is that He will be swift and merciful with him so that he will not suffer. Yet another example of how life can change in an instant. Treasure each day!

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