Saturday, June 8, 2013


Look around you.  I don't know what city or country you live in or what sort of neighborhood, but are you pleased with what you see?  Are you and your neighbors taking good care of your individual areas be they apartments or houses, located in cities or rural areas, situated in wealthy, modest, or poor neighborhoods?

Our planet does not have unlimited natural resources, and in many locations we humans have created blight on the earth by not properly maintaining what we have.  Do you see lots of litter and trash?  Is water being wasted?  Are hazardous materials being disposed of improperly?  Do you recycle as much as possible?  Are you thoughtful about how much gas or electricity you are using?  Do you get involved with decisions being made in your area about land use and property development?  Do you care about the rain forest?  Do you even know what it is or why it is important?  Do you believe in climate change?

Are you doing the obvious things like cleaning up after yourselves and teaching your children and grandchildren to do the same?  Are you careful about what your put in your trashcan or pour down your drains?  Do you have low flow shower heads and faucets?  Do you have low flush toilets?  Do you over water your lawns and plants?  Do you have water leaks in need of repair?  Do you live in an area where power outages make life miserable in the heat of summer or the cold of winter?

We are all responsible for the condition of the planet and for the proper stewardship of our natural resources.  We have an obligation to teach our children and grandchildren to respect the planet and to do their part to care for it, to take only what they need from it, and to be cognizant of ways to improve how they do their part.  Rich or poor, old or young, each of us can do something.

Today's message is:

Take (use) only what I need.

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