Tuesday, June 4, 2013


As soon as a little child learns to talk AND that behavior has consequences somehow they also seem to learn ways to talk themselves out of the consequences..............they make excuses for why they did something or why something happened.  If allowed, it is a trait that will follow them well into adulthood.  It is also a trait that can cause a child to grow into a dishonest adult.

We live in a society that does not tolerate genuine mistakes.  We live in a society where people no long will admit they are wrong.  We live in a society where people no longer apologize for their innocent errors. We live in a society where anytime a mistake happens someone feels as if they have a right to be compensated with cold, hard cash.  Hence the overflowing court dockets, the frivolous lawsuits, the obscene dollar amounts awarded by juries.

Are you a person who learned to make excuses for your behavior and continue to do?  Are you a person whose integrity may be tainted when you make excuses for why something happened, why you did something, or why you left something undone?  There is a difference between an explanation and an excuse.  Learn the difference.

Human beings are NOT and NEVER will be perfect.  We all do and will continue to make genuine mistakes in our lifetimes.  We need to allow ourselves, our children and grandchildren to make mistakes and learn from them rather than try to cover them up with excuses.  We need to stop demanding compensation for every little thing and for every dumb thing (e.g. putting a cup of hot coffee between legs and then suing the fast food company because it burned), and if serving on a jury we need to stop believing that plaintiffs are entitled to ridiculous amounts of money where no real harm has been done or because they refuse to take responsibility for their own mistakes.

Today's message is

No excuses!!!

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