Sunday, June 23, 2013


Even if you are unaware of it, you have a special talent.  Each person has talent even if it is yet untapped.  It might be playing a musical instrument, dancing, painting, crafting with clay or metal, fibre arts, acting, writing or any of the many art forms available to us.  Not everyone has an opportunity to take lessons to unleash talent, but there are other ways to discover your creativity.  Library books, Internet searches, local shops and craft stores are possible venues to learn how to do something that appeals to you.  Visiting art museums when the admission is free will expose you to many works of art.  Painting, sculpting, carving, dancing, singing, acting, writing, and film are just some of the options from which you may choose.

With something as simple as a pencil and piece of paper, try your hand at drawing.  With sand at the beach try making sand sculptures.  With a brush and some inexpensive water colors try painting.  Charcoal drawings or pen and ink drawings may be your forte. Needles, thread, yarn, crochet hooks, and fabrics may open up new vistas for you by creating something new or by up cycling something old and worn.  With something as simple as a plastic recorder you can make music.  Modern dance may be your way of fulfilling your creative desires.

There are so many art forms, and since many schools are no longer teaching the arts it is up to individuals to find their creative talents.  Art and music take the rough, harsh edges off of life.  Life without creative arts is never as beautiful or enjoyable so find your own path and share your creativity.

Today's message is:

Create art!

Create lace or other fibre arts.

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