Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Are you in a situation, relationship, environment, health condition, job or career where things are not working out as you wish they would?  As you hoped they would? As you think they should?   Are you getting ready to give up?  Are you thinking of quitting?

Well, the truth is that giving up or quitting are things that you can always do.  There is no statute of limitations on deciding to quit!  Before you take any drastic action try to look again at the problem(s) you face and determine where you actually are in the process of solving, overcoming, or outlasting the problem?  Think of it as if it is a mountain you have started to climb.............how near are you to the top?  What do you expect to happen when you arrive at the top?  Are there any foreseeable changes about to happen which are
advantageous to you?  Are there any changes you can initiate?

Try to keep in mind the adage, "We cannot control what happens to us in life, but we can always control our attitude in dealing with what happens to us."

So today's message is:

Don't Quit Now!

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