Saturday, May 25, 2013


In order for our lives to change we have to stop doing everything the way we have always done it. I believe it was Albert Einstein who said, "The true definition of insanity is doing everything the same way and expecting different results."

Being myself a devout creature of habit, I know change can be difficult to accept until you face the fact that you do not like your life the way it is.  Begin writing down how you want your life to be:

  • What things do you want to do?
  • What things do you want to have?
  • What places do you want to go?
  • What things do you NOT want to do?
  • What things do you NOT want to have?
  • What places do you NOT want to go?
  • What would you do if you knew you could not fail?
When you are writing don't worry about what is possible or not or how you will make things happen or when.  Don't worry about spelling, punctuation, prioritizing, or legibility.  Just write.  Continue to add to this list, and removing items is also an option as your wants change.   I know this process works because I started doing it years ago, and here are just a few of the things I wrote on my lists:
  • I want to have a boy and a girl whose names will be Scott and Susie.
  • I want to be able to put my children through college.
  • I want to be as philanthropic as I am able.
  • I want to be Vice President of a company.
  • I want to have a Cadillac.
  • I want to renovate an historic house.
  • I want to convert the historic house to a bed & breakfast inn.
  • I want to own my own business.
At the time I wrote them I had no way of knowing how or when these things would happen, but in time they all came to pass.  I never stopped making plans and expecting the plans to become reality so today's message is:

Make Plans

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