Monday, May 13, 2013

Is This The World Into Which You Meant To Bring Your Children?

With each passing day I am horrified by the news of the day.  How did we allow all of these  things to happen?  How long have we been asleep at the switch in America?  When did the nation of "We" become the nation of "I", "Me", and "My"?   We are in serious trouble, and we are so polarized as a country that we keep digging our own graves..................and those of our children and grandchildren.

We elect and pay politicians to pursue their personal agendas rather than to represent us and our wishes.  They make rules that apply to us and not to them.  They vote raises and benefits for themselves at our expense.  They overlook spending waste and fraud in entitlement programs.  They do not place their lives on the front lines of war, and yet they neither want to pay a living wage to our military men and women nor provide adequate medical and financial assistance to those wounded while defending the rest of us.

These are just some of the headlines that trouble me.  There are so very many more.  I would NEVER have knowingly brought my children into a world that produces headlines like these on a daily basis.  Would you?

National debt continues to skyrocket!

Unemployment rates still unacceptable!

Benghazi Cover-up!

IRS Scandal!

Boston Marathon Bombing!

3 girls kidnapped and held captive for a decade!

12 year-old boy arrested in stabbing death of little sister!

19 people shot during Mother's Day Parade in Louisiana!

Fire in Pennsylvania claims lives of father, four children, and their aunt!

Early forest fires in California portend an epic fire season!

Obamacare predicted to be a disaster!

Abortionist kills live babies!

Morning After pills available over the counter to 15-year-old girls!

Christians in the Military may face charges of treason for sharing their faith!

New summer TV show titled Mistresses!

Reality television shows that encourage people to treat others badly and to behave badly.

Do you think your children are going to have the lives you want for them if things do not change and soon?

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