Friday, May 24, 2013


In order to change your life with words, there are so many choices.  As I write the daily blog posts I am not trying to share the words in order of importance.  Each reader will find one word more helpful than another because each life has different facets to be changed.  I believe that all the words I plan to share with you can and will be helpful to you in large and small ways.

All of my life I have been impatient.  As a child I could not wait for birthdays, holidays, dances, the first day of school, and the first day of summer vacation.  I drove my dear mother crazy always asking how many more days or how many more hours until the awaited event would happen.  I was the child in the family car asking, "Are we there yet?"

In life and in my career I never thought that patience was a virtue so I ended up working way too many hours  for too many years wanting to get everything completed so I could move on to the next challenge.  In retrospect I realize I did not savor life's special moments because I was always in a hurry.  I adore my children, but I was always eager for them to move into the next phase of childhood...........walking, talking, potty training, starting school, graduating college.  Now they are grown up, and many times I wish I could relive some of those earlier days and years.  Lucky for me my impatience did not damage my relationships with my children, family, friends, or co-workers when it so easily could have.

As I have gotten older I have also become wiser.  I now live by the philosophy that life is going to come only one day at a time so I must enjoy it one day at a time.  Living life that way removes a great deal of stress and anxiety, and it allows me time to enjoy my interests and develop new ones.

Lack of patience can be interpreted by others as rude, indifferent, and hurtful.  Patience can improve your life and your relationships.   More often than not impatience does more harm than good to you as well as to other people.  Remember the moral of the story of The Tortoise and The Hare..............slow and steady wins the race.

Today's message is:

Be Patient

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