Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Do you find yourself waiting for the right time to do something significant?  Do you wait until the beginning of a new month to start something new?  Do you postpone starting a diet, a business, or a project until some future time when you think it will be the "right time" to do it?

From personal experience, I know what it is like to be a world-class procrastinator.  I excel at putting things off until the kids are older, until the house is furnished, until I have the time, until I can afford it, until my health is better, and on and on it goes.  What I have learned is that procrastination is in reality fear of failure.  What if I cannot stick to the diet?  What if I don't have enough money?  What if my health prevents me from following through on commitments? What if, what if, what can drive yourself crazy playing the what if game.

So listen up.............the old saying goes, "There is no time like the present."  It is true so today's message is:

My time is NOW!

When you find yourself putting off changing your life or starting the pursuit of your dream, remind yourself that your time is now so seize the moment.   I know you can do it................I have and so can you.

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