Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Government Is Stealing Our Joy

In re-reading my last two posts, it is abundantly clear that I am allowing the U. S. Government and state of the nation and the world to steal my joy.  I am confident that there are many others whose joy is also being stolen by our government.

The lies, the cover-ups, the irresponsible behavior, the lack of leadership, the dishonest media, the hidden agendas, the loss of jobs, the poverty, and loss of homes have become a steady diet and an unhealthy one at that.    Not only are these specific things stealing joy from the lives of so many people, but since the government is behind all of these things and the do-nothing Congress continues to do nothing we will continue to be stressed, unhappy, getting poorer, and the laundry list of problems we face grows longer each day.

SO...........I am proposing that all of us whose joy is being stolen take a stand now and stop allowing the government to do this to us.  For those who believe in a higher power, focus on that and the power you receive from your faith.  For those who have dreams and ambitions still unfulfilled, focus on those.  For those who have brought new lives into the world, focus on those wee ones and concentrate on bringing them up to be the best possible human beings.  For those who are struggling financially, who are unemployed, or who are underemployed......focus on your strengths, abilities and skills you bring to the table of any employer.  Focus on how you can utilize those talents in a different setting.  For those of you who are lonely, focus on reaching out to someone each day be it a neighbor, a co-worker, a fellow church goer, or someone waiting in line with you for fast food.  For those of you feeling helpless and hopeless, focus on the good news and the good people instead of the bad news and the evil, wicked people (not all of whom are politicians).  For those of you who are fearful of what the new day will bring, think of what is the worst thing that can happen and decide if you can deal with that you can deal with anything that comes to you that day.  For those who are totally fed up with our government and the leaders, focus on writing your representatives and protesting their actions.......focus on talking to others to get them to do the same............sign petitions to stop things from happening...............start  thinking about the possible good people you can vote to elect in 2014 and remember to never again vote for an incumbent.

Let us wake up each day with a sense of hope, a feeling of courage that we will not allow the government to deprive us of our joy much less our rights and freedoms.  LET'S TAKE OUR JOY BACK AND HOLD TIGHTLY TO IT.  HOPE AND JOY WILL GET US THROUGH THE DAYS AND MONTHS AHEAD.

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