Sunday, October 20, 2013


When I was a little girl I would hold my breath when I had to take medicine, have a shot or a vaccination. The doctors would tell me to breathe and not hold my breath.  When I lived in cold climates and had to drive on wet or icy roads I would hold my breath until the possible danger had passed.  As I got older and needed to exercise I would hold my breath when I was doing something strenuous or using a machine that I happened to dislike.  The trainer or coach would tell me to stop holding my breath.  Then when I had a number of life-threatening surgeries I found that much of the time I would be holding my breath.  Again, the doctors and nurses would tell me to take deep breaths to ease the pain, to lessen the nausea, etc.  Most recently I have had physical therapy for several different problems, and the therapist told me to stop holding my breath.  I guess old habits die hard, but I am trying to reduce the stress in my life and my body by remembering to breathe.

What about you?  Do you hold your breath?  Do you breathe shallowly instead of deeply?  What makes you hold your breath?  The good advice I am trying to take is to put my shoulders back, sit up or walk straightly, and


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