Sunday, October 6, 2013


These things are casting a pall over our everyday lives:
  • The political childishness and incompetence in our government, 
  • the racial and financial divisiveness being fueled by politicians,
  • the rage of many citizens resulting in harm to others and even murder,
  • the abdication of responsibility by many parents,
  • their children seeking to belong to a family joining gangs,
  • the horrific gang violence, the youth mobs attacking people,
  • the outrageous lies being told by politicians and the main stream media,
  • the lack of resolution to any of the huge problems we have faced for 5+ years,
  • the ill-informed or uninformed people having no clue about what is really happening,
  • the sweeping under the rug of scandal after scandal,
  • the financial problems and unemployment millions are facing,
  • the dreadful dumbing down of our schools,
  • the poor academic performance of our children,
  • and the fear of what our children and grandchildren will face in their lifetimes.
We receive daily doses of bad news relating to all of these things, and sometimes we must wonder if there is still anything good left in our country or the world.  The answer is there are millions of good people and many wonderful things still happening despite the ugliness of the daily news.

Love abounds if we give it and if we accept it.  So many kinds of love are available to us......parental love; love between siblings, friends, colleagues; puppy love, first love, love of your life, marital love, physical love; spiritual love, love of family, love of country, and love of pets.  

Be sure you are open to love, and it will make life so enjoyable despite all the trouble in the world.  If you give love, you will get love.  It's out there.  Go get it!


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