Saturday, October 12, 2013


Are you a procrastinator?  Do you put off doing things for yourself more than you put off doing things for others?  I was always a good student who always turned in assignments on time and always did my homework and prepared for tests.  In my working life I was always on time, completed all my work on time and always kept my commitments to my superiors on a timely basis.  In my personal life I was involved a lot in volunteer work, and I always did everything on a timely basis so as not to disappoint anyone in the particular volunteer organization.  I always did what needed to be done for my children on time, and I tried to raise them to not put things off but to do them on time and as agreed to whether it was in school, extra-curricular activities or their careers.

Why then do you suppose I found it so easy to procrastinate on things I needed to do for myself?  Is it because I was not being paid to do them?  Is it because no one was going to think less of me if I did not do them at all or was late in doing them?  Is it because I did not value myself as much as I valued others?

When I decided to start my own Internet business I was at first all fired up and could not find enough hours in the days to do everything on my to-do list.  I jumped right into it with both feet and worked many hours to get my business off the ground.  As time has gone on though I find myself putting off doing those tasks which I do not like to do or do not want to do.  Am I losing interest in my business?  Am I suffering the results of some very serious illnesses I have had in the past three years?  Am I just being lazy?  I update my to-do lists weekly, and I am finding that I am moving some items from week to week to week and never doing them. I would never have done that when I was an employee, and I would have fired any of my employees who did that for very long.

So today I had a talk with myself and said either stop putting those items on the to-do list and admit you are never going to do them OR put a deadline on them and just do them.  I am hopeful that I will do the latter since these things could be important to my business and to my future income.  If you find yourself in any similar situation then let's do what we should do and prepare for


P. S.  If you have found a way to overcome your procrastination, I would love to have you tell me how you did it in the comment section.  Thanks in advance for sharing.

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