Saturday, October 26, 2013


Are you having thoughts of giving up whether it be on a relationship, a business idea, a job, or even life?  I know there can be many things which can cause a person to feel great despair, to feel hopeless, and to just run out of the energy to keep trying or keep going.  If you are feeling that way, I first will say I am so sorry that you do.  Then I will say no matter what do not give up.  

Remember that changing your mind is not giving up.  If you decide that someone is really not the person for you, or if you are in an abusive relationship then it is smart to get out of the relationship and distance yourself from that person.  If you have an idea for a business but in doing your research you find that it may not be as profitable as you would need it to be, then deciding not to pursue it is a smart decision.  If you are in a job that makes you miserable each day or has no future growth, then perhaps you do need to keep your ears open to hear about other companies or opportunities.  However, in this economy when so many are out of work it is not smart to just quit your job without another one to go to.  As long as you are employed try to do your best each day, try to be honest and determine if you may be part of the problem and what you can do to make the situation better.  Then keep job searching.  

If you are in a period of grieving for the loss of a loved one or the end of a relationship, allow yourself a time to grieve and realize that is part of the process of life.  If you are gay and have not yet come out, or if you have a substance abuse problem, realize what you can do and should do for your own well being.  These are all serious and painful situations, and there are professionals who can help you.  Grief counselors, therapists, rehabs, AA, clergy, parents, grandparents, and friends who can and will help you through these dark times.

One of the things we learn as we grow older is that everything changes if you wait long enough.  Remember that 


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