Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Most of my life I have known that I have a very short attention span.  When I was growing up no one knew anything about ADHD, and I doubt I would have been diagnosed with it.  I was able to behave myself in school and in Brownies/Girl Scouts, and Choir practice.  I loved being busy, and fortunately in school there were enough subjects to hold my interest and homework was not as voluminous as it seems to be for today's children.  My career was great because I was promoted 11 times in the 20 years I worked for one company.  I found I was very good at cleaning up other people's messes, making their departments run very smoothly, and selecting good people for job openings.  Just as I would get things going very well I would be offered another promotion because I was very results oriented.  I never was bored in my jobs and went on to a new one before boredom could occur.

In my personal life I was interested in many hobbies and started many things that I never finished. I found I would get bored with the project before it was completed.  I did not discipline myself to finish one project before allowing myself to start another one.  I would blame this on not having enough time because of my jobs or because of my children needing more of my time.  Then the children grew up and did not need me anymore so my excuse became lack of time due to more demanding positions.

The first red flag appeared when my older sister was getting married, and I was going to crochet an afghan for the new couple.  I started it and tried numerous times to get back to it.  She is now married for the third time, and her husband is 94 and she is 79.  They have been married 35 years, and she still has never received a finished afghan from me.  I married, had children, moved a number of times, divorced my husband, and still never finished the afghan.  In fact, it somehow got stored in the attic of a brand new house and mice came in out of the cold winter and chewed much of the yarn.  It then went into the garbage.

I am sorry to admit that I have numerous UFO's (unfinished objects) in bags, boxes, closets, and even the garage.  Every week I tell myself that this should be the week that I finish at least one item.  I do manage to take one out of a bag or box, but somehow it ends up still unfinished on one of the beds in my guest room (which is currently covered with many projects).  I do plan to finish them, but my attention span is short so it may take awhile to get them finished.

I would love to hear from any of you as to how you


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